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M-F Shortform (3:00) RV Travel Show.
Start or End Your Summer With This Show. 12 Repeating Hours Over a three day Weekend.
    New LPFM station? Need something different for your AM or perhaps on an IBOC Digital channel? Are all the usual formats already in town?

    Invest in the best automation and then add on one of our Automated Formats. Each format is loaded on the system you purchase and you can have it delivered in different configurations. SpartaMation can come as a standard rack mount computer or for the maximum dependability but it as the incredible Sparta "SUPERCOMPUTER." Built as a hot swap-able RAID System, The "SUPERCOMPUTER" auto back-up system insures your automation will just keep working. If you need a new EAS system, the SpartaMation formats can be added to the new Sparta EAS Xtra. It's an FCC Approved EAS/CAP system that can do so much more. Check it out at the following:

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