The 1960's. The only time in history when an entire generation was united by music. It was a time when everyone listened to AM Radio for the Top 40 Hits as played by thier favorite D.J. In Los Angeles a new format was born that rocked the west coast and spread accross the USA. With short jingles, tight announcing and talent galore...
"Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting BOSS RADIO!"
    93KHJ in L.A. California was the top rated station in the market for 10 years. Sadly, many of the original "Boss Jocks" are no longer with us including one of the most famous radio talents in history, The Real Don Steele. Through the generosity of his widow, Shaune Steele, we been able to add his timeless voice and humor into our format with previously recorded song introductions.

    With careful editing, The Real Don Steele is on the air again, three hours each week. We present "BOSS RADIO" as if it were happening now. We play the "current" Boss 30 Survey Hits, songs which span 1965 to 1978, Golden songs are pre-65' Hits, while "Boss Hitbound" songs leap into the future from '79 forward.

    All together with the announcing talents of "Boss" Bobby Rich, Dave Sebastian, Scotty Brink, Big Bob Anthony, Mike O'Neil and Rich "Brother" Robbin, we have created a format that is so familier, yet fresh for a new generation. Pat St. John is the format "Voice" with format image liners and talent introductions.
Magic happens when SpartaMation plays back the elements, because the format sounds quite live.
The Real Don Steele
Big Bob Anthony
Rich Bro Robbin
The Real Don Steele
Pat St John
Mike O'Neil
Scotty Brink
Dave Sebastian
Bobby Rich
Coffee tastes better and the T fits perfect!
Why? Cause they're BOSS Baby!

We can customize either with your
frequency or call letter on top!

NOTE: Due to current contracts, not all of our Boss Radio Talents are available in every market.
With our guidance, you may choose to use a local talent or a substitute voice talent we can provide.