bdcastradio002009.jpg's Country, but in the mix you'll hear Country Rock as well. It's a tailgate party with high energy music! Turn it up...the horses want to shake a hoof.
We've taken the best Rockin' Country songs from the 70's-90's, added in Rock Hits that have a sound that just seems to fit. Assembled in a rapid pace "More Music" presentation, the result is a fun sounding format. It's sort of like a "tail-gate" party.

Dancin' Horses is a great Country Format that may help you attract a new breed of listener. One that loves real Country and digs Rock as well. Only a format like Dancin' Horses could bring together passionate, dedicated listeners - listeners locked onto your frequency and longer TSL ratings.

Of course, as with all of our formats, you get artwork to integrate with your call letters. With "Dancin' Horses", you even get a second cartoon horse as shown above.