The 50's started with Korea and ended with the start of the Vietnam Conflict. The Cold War was ramping up and the stage was set for the birth of Rock 'n Roll. Back in 1951, Ike Turner released what is considered to be the first Rock 'n Roll record, "Rocket 88". Early accounts have "Race Records" being played on "White" radio stations by Disc Jockeys like Alan Freed. Mostly, "white" stations played cover versions of songs originally recorded by black artists. The cover versions were recorded by people like Pat Boone and groups like the Crew Cuts.

In 1954 Bill Haley & The Comets song "Rock Around The Clock" was used in a movie soundtrack. In 1955 Chuck Berry records his first record, The Chordettes and The Chantels spring up as the first all girl groups, Ray Charles creates "Soul Music" with "I Got A Woman", RCA signs Elvis Presley and the rest is history. Music from the birth of Rock 'n Roll on into the early 60's makes up the core of this fun format.

Named 3D Gold after the first 3D movie craze of the era. Those red and green glasses caused images to jump out at you off the movie screen. We've revived the radio scene from this era by programming major and minor hits and by re-editing old jingles and liners. The result is something you just don't hear anymore on any station. Something that "jumps" out of the speakers and into your head.

Boomers and generations that followed will have fun listening to 3D Gold.