RIGHT ON! At last a format that speaks to the Bell Bottom Generation. The pop and light rock hits
that define the ten years after landing on the moon and before "Knot's Landing" Appeared on
Network TV. Check out some of the artists...

John Lennon / Marvin Gaye / The Eagles / Stevie Wonder / Lynyrd Skynyrd / The Rolling Stones
Aretha Franklin / The Doors / Dire Straits / Blondie / The Bee Gees / Simon & Garfunkel / 10cc
The Beatles / Al Green / Elton John / Abba / Barry White / Sly & The Family Stone / Paul McCartney
Neil Young / Santana / T.Rex / America / Bruce Springsteen / Gloria Gaynor / Walter Murphy
Don McLean / Fleetwood Mac / Frankie Valli / Joni Mitchell / Jethro Tull / The Commodores
The Stylistics / Steely Dan / Roberta Flack / George Harrison / Cat Stevens / Al Stewart / Janis Joplin Beach Boys / Queen / Emerson, Lake & Palmer / Andrew Gold / Paul Simon / Olivia Newton-John Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young / Creedence Clearwater Revival / Kraftwerk / Chicago / Wings / E.L.O.

We add to the great mix of 70's Music, "Spotlight Gold". The greatest hits from the '60's that mix right in....but just enough to keep it interesting. This format can be supplied two ways, announced or non-announced. It can also be customized to add the harder rock songs from the 1970's, or we can leave it the way we designed it as a pop and light rock sound.